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11 August

By Ahmed Mamdouh

Category: Infographic

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Reasons Americans Disapprove/Approve Trump’s performance

The infographic puts the key reasons that make Americans approve or disapprove President Donald Trump’s performance.

Most of who disapproved of Trump’s performance were mainly against his personal behavior rather than his policies.

For those who approve the way he deals with Presidency issues, 12 percent saw him doing a good job or the best he can under difficult circumstances.

A recent poll has revealed that Trump's approval rating tumbled to a historic 70-year low amid suspicions about his ties with Russia, especially during his Presidential campaign.

Ahmed Mamdouh

Ahmed Mamdouh is the head of the English Fundamental Analysis at D1stp.com, with 9 years of experience in the financial markets. Mamdouh holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from The American University in Cairo and a Bachelor Degree in Economics from The Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.